Trial and Error

    What are we doing if we are not doing our passion everyday. I ask myself this each and everyday to remind myself that it is a choice to make the life you want and that it won’t happen unless I am willing to push through the things I do not want in my life. I am always trying to stay in progression of the things I want and want to accomplish. I try not to talk about all of the things I am doing and just focus on being in constant action. In this moment Of my life I am at a crossroads of who I am and where I still stand, their is a hunger that has always been brewing amongst the crazy and fierce for what sets my soul on fire. With my photography it isn’t just a symbol it is my passion it is what pushes me to go further or deeper and pushes the envelopes for the unknown, the creation I can create whether it’s through stills or storytelling is an endless road that carries me longing for the next adventure, exploration and drive towards something bigger and greater than I. Ever since I grabbed the camera I haven’t let it leave my side because I am in constant scanning for the next amazing Hong to grab my attention. I get it to most people it’s just a photo but to me it is my gateway for you to see what I see and to bring your attention to all of the unseen beauty that is in constant movement around us. It is my way to see the world for what it really is, it doesn’t make me think wow this is a waste of my time it makes me kick on the creation and create something that was so unmoving and boring to intriguing and exciting. I have thousands and thousands of photos to post but much rather give you hints to what it is I am really up too. We often hold ourselves back from the things we truly want, maybe it is because we don’t think we will be good enough or it’s something silly. Whatever you decide to do with your life be the best you can be at it, if you stick through it for enough time you just might be the next big thing. If we choose to follow our passions at least you will have a clear mind and full heart in life. Our time on this earth is among a single grain of sand on a beach when it’s comes to time. So live the best life you can, for you because you and I owe it to ourselves to find inner happiness despite what it is we do.

Give It Pattern

As a photographer, my job is to create moments that take a moment of the present and make it a part of history. When I travel to new locations, I try to soak up as much of the landscapes and nature in before I begin shooting. I do this because I want to see what appeals to me first, I love patterns in nature. Taking something ordinary and bringing a new spin on it, seeing it a new way is what makes it fun and challenging. DSC_6901