To the Canyons and Beyond


Hello all of my fellow wandering souls and adventure seekers! today I would like to ask you some questions about adventure and what it means to you. The first question will be a three part question, what is your favorite adventure story? what made it so special to you? how did this specific adventure alter your point of view or perspective? Second question is, where did this adventure occur? and the third question for you is, who was along side you on your voyage?

Published by Nate Davis

Hello I am a freelance adventure and nature photographer. The journey to me is where I find my inspirations and it makes me seek further into the unknown, which in reflection allows me to discover more about myself. I love what this job gives me in return upon meeting so many amazing people and adventuring to some very cool spots!

One thought on “To the Canyons and Beyond

  1. You should answer this too!

    My favorite adventure story is the first time I got to see lava! What made it so special is the people I was with and the demanding hike we took to see it. They were so light hearted, open minded and had so much positivity radiating off of them, it was contagious. It altered my perspective on many things, in many ways. The lava was an absolutely beautiful sight to see. It was surreal to see earth forming right in front of my eyes. It made me forget about everything else and to just be in the moment. To really enjoy the moment without seeing from behind a cellphone camera screen. The adventure was at the Hawaiian Volcano National Park on the Big Island of Hawaii and was with my fiancé Nate, and 2 new friends Brent and Keith!

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