Life Giver

Snowboarding is such a passion for me its an escape from the real world. It gives you a utopia and bliss when you are carving your line through powder it is as if you are floating on the air. Snowboarding as been a part of my life since I was seven years old and I have the same if not more love for it now. The past few years life has got in the way with it, I have waited long enough to get back on the mountain and get some shred time in. I recently just got done waxing and shaving the boards I have the a few of my buddies as well. within a few weeks I will create a folder for you guys of our trip and keep you posted!DSC_0057.jpg

Published by Nate Davis

Hello I am a freelance adventure and nature photographer. The journey to me is where I find my inspirations and it makes me seek further into the unknown, which in reflection allows me to discover more about myself. I love what this job gives me in return upon meeting so many amazing people and adventuring to some very cool spots!

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