Sometimes we when we let others set are standards we begin to feel caged as if the choice we once thought has been taken away from us. You must always carry and hold yourself accountable for each and every choice you make in this life. The choices we make mold us into the people we become and continue to stay as we are. Every one of us have the chance to change the world into something better. A small ripple can become a massive wave. If the world is not the way you want to see it then be the change you would like to see. When you make yourself one hundred percent accountable the only reason failure would ever win is because you decided to stop trying. Often times I see or hear how bad everything is, instead of how great and amazing it is. Everything we come to, has a perspective it is your choice to jump on the black or white side. If you choose to be negative you can never have a positive mindset. If you choose to be positive you tend to stop listening to the haters and naysayers and start making a change. A change doesn’t always mean you have to move a mountain it can simply mean you decided to pick up a piece of trash and throw it away. We live in a society that is so focused on what we want, what we do not have and most importantly our mannerisms toward one another as if we all live on our own separate planets. If we can start to put the focus back into helping and building one another we can make a comeback and a better future for the following generations to come. Be the ripple that creates that massive swell!CSC_2584

Create your path

In this photograph my wife and I were in Arizona. We had decided to take a road trip and seek out a new adventure, as we started we were driving towards the mountains and our trip had a new hitch of brush fires ahead so we had to redirect the way we got up the mountain. So as we were not ready to cut the trip short we had found a different path, a path that tested our trucks abilities through twisty rocky turns and tight steep climbs, which of course is about as much fun as it gets in a truck other than whipping around a dusty corner in 4th. Along this climb we found some awesome pull-offs and sites of the mountains following behind the first couple peaks. Once we had reached the top and rattled off a few photographs, we started to get touched by the sprinkles of rain of the storm following close behind. after about 30 minutes we had finally made it back to the pavement. Although the trip lasted only a few hours it was nothing short of an awesome successful trip. May the roads that lie ahead lead you to where you want to go, if not build a new road!