Feather in the wind


So I am currently on the road again and I would like to explain this photograph and what  my story is behind it. My life is a series of events bound by continuous flights and road trips to small towns, big towns and even different countries. In this photograph my fiancé and I were in Wyoming on a road trip to Colorado, we had been driving through the entire state of Nebraska which the corn fields travel as far as your eyes can see. Once we got to Wyoming we had stopped and took a short hike to stretch the legs, enjoy the sun and breathe in some fresh air, I spotted this in the field and it reminded me of a part my life. The part of my life that it represented was no matter the roots I grow towards my home, I still love the sense of traveling exploring and adventuring such as a feather that takes flight in the wind, not knowing where the wind will take it. There are times I plan trips and know exactly where I need to go, but often the unplanned spontaneous adventures make the best memories because it challenges the mind to find new places and generally changes your perspective of your approach. As a photographer, I crave creating something new and that is a piece of me that expresses the way I see the world. My job is to bring out the ordinary and express it in a way that someone may find it extraordinary.

The Tree

DSC_3327 (1)

In this photograph I was on a hike just outside of Fruita Colorado on a trail named rabbit valley, It is around a 6 mile hike so my fiancé and a few friends decided to go. As we started in the morning the trail was vacant but exciting full of little eyes lurking in the brush. As we made our way through the hike I found this tree and I had to stop and capture it, what drew me towards it was the way nature had warped and strained it from the nutrients that it needed. As the harsh climate of the desert and its blistering heat had beaten the tree into submission, the tree had given me another perspective of beauty. The beauty was in the intrique design of how the tree twisted and turned as if it were a flame of wood.

Adventure Hawaii

Here is the start of an Hawaiian odyssey I will take you through for the next week, I will be uploading some photographs everyday of my most recent trip to the Big Island of Hawaii. If you love to adventure, hike and explore new and very diverse land, you are in luck! the big island is amazing in all the ways you like to see nature. From being an island and surrounded by the pacific ocean, the big island contains beautiful shorelines, sunrises and sunsets are a majestic sight to see. The active and flowing volcanoes are breath taking, there are few words that describe this when you trek miles to walk right among the lava flow. The once volcanoes that are now mountains of desert and forest (depending the side of the island you are on) do not disappoint. The waterfalls are tucked away as a beautiful adventure waits for the challenge you will take. One minute you are on an island and the next you believe you are on the moon in the lava fields. As you travel around the island you begin to see the change of ecosystems right before your eyes, to me that is simply marvelous to see the way nature transforms into multiple forms that are actively changing  over the course of evolution.

Creating Bokeh


Here is a photograph of early spring that I shot with my prime lens 50mm 1.8G, This lens creates a great amount of bokeh which basically means that the subject is in focus and everything behind the subject is blurred, creating the subject to shine brightly without any interruption of the background