Feather in the wind


So I am currently on the road again and I would like to explain this photograph and what  my story is behind it. My life is a series of events bound by continuous flights and road trips to small towns, big towns and even different countries. In this photograph my fiancé and I were in Wyoming on a road trip to Colorado, we had been driving through the entire state of Nebraska which the corn fields travel as far as your eyes can see. Once we got to Wyoming we had stopped and took a short hike to stretch the legs, enjoy the sun and breathe in some fresh air, I spotted this in the field and it reminded me of a part my life. The part of my life that it represented was no matter the roots I grow towards my home, I still love the sense of traveling exploring and adventuring such as a feather that takes flight in the wind, not knowing where the wind will take it. There are times I plan trips and know exactly where I need to go, but often the unplanned spontaneous adventures make the best memories because it challenges the mind to find new places and generally changes your perspective of your approach. As a photographer, I crave creating something new and that is a piece of me that expresses the way I see the world. My job is to bring out the ordinary and express it in a way that someone may find it extraordinary.

The Tree

DSC_3327 (1)

In this photograph I was on a hike just outside of Fruita Colorado on a trail named rabbit valley, It is around a 6 mile hike so my fiancé and a few friends decided to go. As we started in the morning the trail was vacant but exciting full of little eyes lurking in the brush. As we made our way through the hike I found this tree and I had to stop and capture it, what drew me towards it was the way nature had warped and strained it from the nutrients that it needed. As the harsh climate of the desert and its blistering heat had beaten the tree into submission, the tree had given me another perspective of beauty. The beauty was in the intrique design of how the tree twisted and turned as if it were a flame of wood.

The Rocky Mountains


The rocky mountains are a force of 14,000 foot peaks waiting to be explored, climbed and adventured on. On a recent trip to Colorado my fiancé had the opportunity to travel through the rocky mountain national park. The entrance provides a great view of the mountain range, Once you enter the park you have now just entered an outdoor playground of all skill levels, whether you like to hike, climb, kayak or canoe. If getting out and being physical is not an option, then the drive through the park is simply a must!


Knowing Who You Are

As a photographer you are drawn towards certain attributes; style, unique perspectives, passion, storytelling and creating something know one else has created. When I am photographing a subject or am doing landscapes, I submerge myself into my work. I believe as a photographer it is my duty to create stories from my experiences and ideas. With that being said when I envision something coming to life I use my experiences and past obstacles to shape how the image will come to life.

Beauty in the details

The orchid is a powerful, intriguing and beautiful flower. while I was photographing this flower, the sheer beauty and design of its rich styling petals leave you with such awe that they are of grand design for a flower. As the petals draw you in like a peacocks feathers the complexity in the center of the flowers reveals the true detail and beauty.


Harvest Time


Harvest time along the shores of Hilo, on this small farm in the hills of the Big Island of Hawaii lies these beautiful aromatic coffee beans that have a breathtaking view of the pacific.

Welcome To The New Year!

Welcome everyone to the new year of 2017, this year is going to be filled with many treasures of tips, tricks and of course new photographs, The adventures awaits you and I, so sip that coffee, stretch those legs and get ready for the new adventure of 2017, lets have a blast and hold nothing back.

Shine The Light

What are the things that make you passionate? What is it that you crave inside and out, often times we are willing to push the limits for what we believe in, but often fall short soon after we start. Why is this? Do we not have the right tools or connections to move us forward, do we simply need guidance in the direction we are trying to go. I believe that when you want something down to your core, there is absolutely nothing that will tell you different, know one can convince you that you should not follow through with it. This kind of determination, grit and passion creates an extraordinary new self that holds all of the untapped potential you possess. There are always hardships that come with new experiences and beginnings, within those hardships that you may face are the solutions to move forward and to learn. Be curious and ask questions there is always room to improve every craft and talent you may have. I am a huge believer in the work you are willing to put in everyday and every-night, the results will eventually show. Be quick to listen and slow to speak. Learn from all of the mistakes you have made and use them as the mortar for your foundation. Lets start building!

Bermuda Landscape


Welcome to Bermuda! as one of my many work trips to this beautiful country, I am always in awe of the scenery this small fish hook presents with the beautiful pink sand beaches to the colorful houses and the magnificent blueish teal waters of the Atlantic ocean.