Sometimes we when we let others set are standards we begin to feel caged as if the choice we once thought has been taken away from us. You must always carry and hold yourself accountable for each and every choice you make in this life. The choices we make mold us into the people we become and continue to stay as we are. Every one of us have the chance to change the world into something better. A small ripple can become a massive wave. If the world is not the way you want to see it then be the change you would like to see. When you make yourself one hundred percent accountable the only reason failure would ever win is because you decided to stop trying. Often times I see or hear how bad everything is, instead of how great and amazing it is. Everything we come to, has a perspective it is your choice to jump on the black or white side. If you choose to be negative you can never have a positive mindset. If you choose to be positive you tend to stop listening to the haters and naysayers and start making a change. A change doesn’t always mean you have to move a mountain it can simply mean you decided to pick up a piece of trash and throw it away. We live in a society that is so focused on what we want, what we do not have and most importantly our mannerisms toward one another as if we all live on our own separate planets. If we can start to put the focus back into helping and building one another we can make a comeback and a better future for the following generations to come. Be the ripple that creates that massive swell!CSC_2584


Today I wanted to talk to you guys about the depth a photograph can have and the meaning it can represent. As some of you may know the old saying ” a picture is worth a thousand words” well it can be very true to some as others would say more like ten words. I am not going into a thousand words with about this photograph, but what I do want to cover is how a photograph can make you see a new perspective, give you new meaning and hopefully give you a sense of what the photographer is trying to explain to you. The stories behind every photograph come in big or small, in depth and faded meanings but they all have an origin to which they came from. For me in this particular photo came from a cross country road trip that swept us through the great plains into the rockies, then we ran alongside the grandest of canyons and through Arizona as we were making our way to El paso, Texas, I decided to take a detour to white sand national monument which landed us in the absolute middle of know where. Once we made it to the park the sand formed into rolling hills. The sand looked as if the desert had a wintery snowstorm just pass through. As we pulled off to the side we got out of the truck to take a closer look and feel the sand in between our toes, the temperature was 101 degrees fahrenheit and the sand was much cooler and comfortable than I would have guessed. As the rolling sand hills surrounded us there was a complete relaxation and calming presence. The sun started to set and the colors were if the sky was full of pink and blue cotton candy. In this photograph I wanted to capture the essence of the patterns the sand formed. What this represents is, without the color you focus on the patterns of the sand then work into the clouds above. With color you would tend to focus on the reflection of the sand from the sun which was a light pink with a creamy blue sky. DSC_4621.jpg

Life Giver

Snowboarding is such a passion for me its an escape from the real world. It gives you a utopia and bliss when you are carving your line through powder it is as if you are floating on the air. Snowboarding as been a part of my life since I was seven years old and I have the same if not more love for it now. The past few years life has got in the way with it, I have waited long enough to get back on the mountain and get some shred time in. I recently just got done waxing and shaving the boards I have the a few of my buddies as well. within a few weeks I will create a folder for you guys of our trip and keep you posted!DSC_0057.jpg