San Francisco Bay Where The Seals Play


Along the San Francisco Bay there is a place where the seals hangout on the floating docks in the Fishermans wharf, it is quite the sight to see if you are into wildlife. I was able to capture this great moment with this group of seals sleeping. I believe that photography is unique in the fact you are creating a moment that is frozen in time. A photograph should make you feel something and be inspired. Every time I look through the lens of my camera I am looking for new ways to show my viewers a new perspective of whatever the subject may be.

Surf Painting


In this photo I was shooting in low light with a slow shutter speed this allowed me to create a blur of this surfer, creating a painting look to the photograph.

Jamaican Anole lizard


As a photographer I have become very fascinated with wildlife, with the characteristics of all types of animals from predators to prey. Preparation is a great key into getting the photograph you want.

Morning Glory At Her Best

As the morning coffee is brewing, the not so distant shores of Bermuda, waves lightly crashes upon the rocks, here stands a beautiful morning glory standing alone in the island of beautiful waters and ample amounts of sunlight.


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